Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I workout?

Ok so, The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends getting 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week in order to achieve the health benefits, maintain that weight, and/or prevent weight gain.


Those who are overweight or obese, the ACSM recommends getting 250 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week.


What’s moderate intensity u ask? It’s where you are out of breath a little but you can hold a conversation while working out.


How many calories does it take to burn one pound of fat?


It takes 3,500 calories to gain or lose one pound. To lose one pound per week, you have to decrease your calories by 500 every day.


This is usually done by cutting 250 calories out of your diet and burning the other 250 through exercise.


How do I know how much weight I should be lifting?


Repetitions are key. Weight lifters should do 10-12 reps per muscle of choice, and the weight used will vary based on your fitness level. The final repetition is the one to pay attention to. If that last rep is difficult, decrease the weight. If the last rep is too easy, increase the weight.


The Center for Disease Control recommends strength training all the major muscles 2-3 times each week. Try to exercise large muscle groups on non-consecutive days. For example, upper body Monday – Wednesday, lower body Tuesday and Thursday. Got it?


Are ab exercises effective if I want to lose extra fat around my stomach?


Nah...Abdominal exercises are great for strengthening your core and back but there is no such thing as spot-reducing fat. Cardio throughout the week, more specifically HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most effective and will reduce the amount of fat that has accumulated on the body.


What are the best food to eat before working out?


It’s best to eat carbs and protein before a workout and protein within an hour after working out.


How quickly will I see results of my training?


Expect to feel the results of your training sooner than you see them. Changes in your body often take longer to notice. The more consistent you are with your workouts and he closer you stick to your meal plan, the sooner your results will become noticeable!


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